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Siemens chose Bustec and their ProDAQ line of products for their Mega Test Center

In Duisburg, Germany, Siemens has built a huge test facility's which allows giant equipment testing for their suitability in the remotest parts of the world. We at Bustec are glad to be part of the implementation and achievement of great projects.

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A whole system of signal conditioning cards in a 19” 1U carrier

The ProDAQ 5720 signal conditioning unit can house up to two signal conditioning cards from the ProDAQ 58xx series supplying an easy to use interface to various sensor types (bridge, thermocouple, RTD etc.) for use with Bustec’s high-performance ProDAQ AD

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New ProDAQ 6140 Matrix Switching Unit supports signal levels up to 100V and 1A

Bustec has developed a scalable LXI matrix switching unit. Its relay matrix can be connected between the data acquisition and control system and the sensors and actuators on a device under test for easy monitoring, calibration and debugging without changi

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New high-accuracy DAC Function Card

The new ProDAQ 3518 function card offers 8 channels of independently programmable DACs with 18 bit resolution, remote sensing and a variety of output ranges up to ±20V.

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New VXI Mainframe from Bustec

Bustec releases a VXI-1 Rev. 4 compatible Mainframe with up to 2.5 kW usable power. Its newly designed 13-slot monolithic backplane now enables systems to use the new high-speed data transfer modes with up to 320 MB/sec.

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New Variant of Bustec's Sigma-Delta ADC Function Card Offers Higher Sample Rates

The ProDAQ 3416 ADC Function Card offers now up to 52 kS/s with the same high accuracy and high density that made it the 2011 "Best in Test" award winner.

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Rohde & Schwarz Selects Bustec as Sole Supplier of VXI Slot-0 Interfaces

Announcement follows news of Lockheed selection of Bustec’s VXI controllers for eCASS

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Bustec Announces Low-Cost PCI Express VXI Slot-0 Interface

ProDAQ 3026 Provides a High Throughput and Low Latency Solution to Replace Legacy VXI Interfaces

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Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Bustec for Commitment to Customer Value Enhancement

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Bustec's focus on technology and the customer in their 2011 awards.

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"With Bustec, from the delivery of the products to the quality of the hardware, software, and support, we are actually getting more functionality for a decreased price."
Lockheed Martin