A whole system of signal conditioning cards in a 19 1U carrier

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The ProDAQ 5720 signal conditioning unit can house up to two signal conditioning cards from the ProDAQ 58xx series supplying an easy to use interface to various sensor types (bridge, thermocouple, RTD etc.) for use with Bustec’s high-performance ProDAQ ADC function cards. The ProDAQ 58xx series of signal conditioning cards provide conditioning for up to 16 channels and can be used directly with Bustec’s ADC function cards such as the ProDAQ 3416 or the ProDAQ 3424. SCSI-style cables from the ProDAQ 8010-Bx Series are used to connect the function cards to the signal conditioning cards providing high performance shielded twisted pair connections for both signals and control.

The 16 channel ProDAQ 5821 is designed to interface to a variety of temperature sensors, principally RTDs, Thermistors and Cryogenic Diodes. The ProDAQ 5821 directly interfaces to the ProDAQ 3416 and is fitted to the ProDAQ 5720 Signal Conditioning Carrier.

Why choose product?

Each version of the card uses a 4-wire measurement technique. For that purpose a precise 500μA constant current source is provided per channel. This current can be disabled on a per channel basis and is monitored to ensure that it flows correctly. The current may be calibrated on-line and automatically adjusted to an accuracy of ±25nA.

Time Saving

The Bx versions of the ProDAQ 5821 include compensation circuitry for 3-wire measurements and the capability to automatically switch to 2-wire measurements, saving the operator the time required to make the necessary shorts on the connector. All Bx versions also include broken-wire detection.

The BB version additionally provides a 10µA current source which is included specifically for cryogenic diode temperature measurement but could also be used in the measurement of resistive elements up to 1MΩ.