Honeywell Enhances Flight Computers for the International Space Station with Bustec ProDAQ Products

Company: Honeywell
Industry: Aerospace Test 
Challenge: Accurately testing flight computers and software updates before delivering them to the International Space Station. 
Solution: Using ProDAQ function cards in VXI carriers to simulate all of the sensor and effector inputs that go into flight computers in order to test the capacity of each computer. 


The International Space Station (ISS) acquires highly accurate data through sensitive sensors to be transmitted to flight computers. In order to get the best data while on the International Space Station, flight computers must be extensively tested to ensure that they will collect and process data accurately and avoid any errors in space. With many mission-critical tasks at hand on the ISS, it is imperative that power to critical life support systems on the ISS never is lost.

To accomplish this testing, Honeywell chose the Bustec ProDAQ VXI function card modules because of Bustec’s time-proven results in applications with the VXI standard. By choosing Bustec products, Honeywell felt they could test computers and software before they run and after any changes so the system, avoiding tragic power losses to critical life support systems that have occurred in the past. The Bustec outputs are highly accurate and allowed Honeywell to simulate thermocouples, a demanding requirement. The Bustec function cards also simulated acute voltages and currents with high accuracy. 

Using this system, engineers continue to test flight computers and make software updates before delivering them to the International Space Station.

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