New ProDAQ 6150 Isolated Thermocouple LXI Instrument

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New stand-alone LXI instrument provides high-precision thermocouple measurements and up to 350 V RMS isolation

The new ProDAQ 6150 is an LXI instrument designed for up to 48-channel of isolated precision thermocouple measurements.
It supports all common thermocouple types (J, E, N, K, T, R, S and B) as well as custom types via a programmable conversion.

Each channel is isolated from both the chassis and all other  channels, and It provides input channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation of up to 350 V RMS. The ProDAQ 6150 has a dedicated ADC per channel allowing for true simultaneous sampling of all channels. The scan rate can be  varied from 1 Sample/sec to 1000 Samples/sec.

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