ProDAQ 5828 16-Ch. Isolation Amplifier Signal Conditioning Card

  • 350 Vrms Isolation Channel/Channel and Channel/Ground
  • Wide Signal Bandwidth of 50 kHz
  • Built-in Gain (1, 10, 100, 1000)
  • High Linearity: ±0.005% gain nonlinearity typical
  • Excellent DC Accuracy: ±0.03% gain error typical
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The ProDAQ 5828 Isolation Amplifier Signal Conditioning Card is designed to isolate and amplify wide bandwidth analog signals. It provides 16 channels with complete galvanic isolation and can be used directly with any of Bustec’s high-performance ProDAQ 3416 16-channel Sigma-Delta ADC Function Cards.
The ProDAQ 5828 has four input voltage ranges, ±10 V, ±1 V, ±0.1 V and ±0.01 V. For gain 1 the input offset error is typically just ±0.5 mV (±50ppm) with typical gain error of ±0.03% (±300ppm), with both specifications far exceeding similar isolated cards. Isolation Mode Rejection Ratio (IMRR) is typically -120 dB at 50 Hz and -100 dB at 1 kHz for a gain of 1, providing excellent rejection of AC Common Mode signals such as 50 Hz/60 Hz line voltages.
The ProDAQ 5828 has excellent AC specifications, with THD of -75 dBc achievable at 1 kHz. Even at gain 100 the 5828s SNR is typically 64 dB. Channel to channel crosstalk has been measured as typically -96 dB.
The ProDAQ 5828’s wide bandwidth of 50 kHz and its typical gain nonlinearity of ±0.005% make it ideal for high speed dynamic signal applications. Gains of 1, 10, 100, and 1000 can be programmed per channel, in addition to the gain options available for the 3416.
The input connection for each channel is via high voltage isolated, touch-safe BNC connectors.
The ProDAQ 5828 card takes up half the space in a ProDAQ 5720 Signal Conditioning Unit. To connect the function cards to the signal conditioning cards, data I/O cables of the ProDAQ 8010-Bx Series are used. They provide shielded twisted pair connections for signals and control.
The ProDAQ 5828 conforms to IEC61010-1 Ed.3.0 and IEC61010-2-030 Ed.1.0. It is designed for Measurement Category II with working voltages up to 350 VRMS.



  • 16 Channel, Half-wide Signal Conditioning Card for ProDAQ 5720 Carrier
  • 350 Vrms Isolation Channel/Channel and Channel/Ground
  • 50 kHz Signal Bandwidth
  • Gain 1, 10, 100, 1000
  • Gain Error ±0.03% typical (Gain 1)
  • Offset Error ±0.5mV typical (Gain 1)
  • Isolation Mode Rejection Ratio -120dB typ. (Gain 1, 50 Hz)
  • Gain non-linearity ±0.005% typical
  • Effective Input Noise 140 uV RMS (Gain 1)



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User Manual: Download PDF

Driver: Revision 4.3.1 for Windows 32/64-bit systems.