ProDAQ 5821 16-Channel RTD Signal Conditioning Card

  • Interfacing to RTDs, Thermistors, and Cryogenic Diodes
  • Accuracy up to 0.003 °C
  • Automatic 2-, 3- and 4-wire Connection
  • 3-wire Compensation Accuracy 0.01 °C
  • Broken-Wire Detection
  • Current Monitoring
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The ProDAQ 5821 series of Signal Conditioning Cards is designed to interface with a variety of sensors, principally RTDs, Thermistors, Cryogenic Diodes and Voltage type sensors. Each version of the 5821 provides the capability of precise 4-wire measurement. In order to achieve this, a precise 500μA constant current source is provided per channel. The current source can be disabled on a per channel basis and is monitored to ensure that current is flowing. The value of the output current is stored on-board after calibration. In order to achieve the highest accuracy the output current may be automatically calibrated ‘on-the-fly’ using the ProDAQ 3416 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC card and an on-board precision resistor.

The 5821-AA low cost version interfaces directly with the ProDAQ 3416. Typical accuracy achieved for a 4-wire PT-100 is 0.05°C and 0.003% for a 5kΩ thermistor.

The 5821-BA has per channel on-board gain and voltage calibration in order to achieve the highest accuracy possible. Typical accuracy for the 5821-BA for a PT-100 is 0.05°C and 0.002% for a 5kΩ thermistor. The 5821-BA also provides compensation for 3-wire sensors. With compensation employed the error on a 3-wire PT-100 can be reduced from several degrees to typically 0.1°C. The 5821-BA also provides support for 2-wire sensors so that the user need not make connections at the front panel of the SCU. This feature saves time when switching between different sensor types. The 5821-BA also includes broken wire detection as well as current monitoring.

The 5821-BB is similar to the 5821-BA but includes a second current source of 10μA, designed for use with cryogenic diodes. The 10μA current source is adjusted during calibration so that its typical absolute accuracy is 0.01%. The current source may also be used to make precision high resistance measurements, up to 1MΩ. Measurement accuracy at 1MΩ is typically 0.015%.



  • 16 Channel
  • RTD, Thermistors, Cryogenic Diode, and Voltage Output Sensors
  • 2-, 3- and 4-wire Sensor Configurations supported
  • Measurement Accuracy up to 0.003 °C
  • High-precision 500 µA Current Excitation
  • Optional 10 µA Excitation for Cryogenic Diodes
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