High-Performance Motherboard Module

ProDAQ 3150Legacy Product

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 8 different function cards in a single VXIbus slot
  • Onboard DSP and memory
  • Up to 32 MB/s data transfer rate
  • Onboard memory stores waveform data for specific waveform generation
  • On-the-fly calibration
  • Additional, user-programmable DSP offers real-time capabilities
  • High-speed serial link protocol
  • Driver support for Windows, VxWorks, and Linux


The ProDAQ 3150 high-performance motherboard is a register-based VXIbus device supporting single-word transfer and block transfer of 16-bit and 32-bit words. It can be configured for both the A16 and A32 address space. An optional, programmable voltage reference can be added to the ProDAQ 3150 motherboard to provide additional self-test capabilities and allow the calibration of function cards on-the-fly. The enhanced VXIbus interface of the ProDAQ 3150 offers a data transfer rate of up to 32 MB/s, VXIbus 2.0 compatibility, and simultaneous access of up to four function cards.

The onboard digital signal processor (DSP) moves the data between the function cards and the onboard memory, allowing user-defined waveform data to be stored in the onboard memory and moved to one or more function cards to generate a specific waveform.

In addition, the DSP can be used to apply calibration factors to the moved data and to perform EU conversion, T/C linearization, and digital filtering. It also handles board initialization and self-test. The onboard memory is organized in two banks with separate interfaces to the internal bus and the VXIbus interface. Both banks can be accessed simultaneously, providing the full data transfer bandwidth of the memory for both transfers. In addition to the onboard DSP, a second, fully user-programmable DSP can be fitted into the ProDAQ 3150. It offers real-time capabilities for local data processing, control loops, or event handling. The local VXIbus can be used to communicate between the user-programmable DSPs of two ProDAQ 3150 modules using a high-speed serial link protocol.


  • Register-based A16/A32                                                                       
  • Up to 8 different function cards in a single VXIbus slot
  • Accepts all ProDAQ function cards
  • Onboard DSP and memory
  • Up to 32 MB/s data transfer rate
  • Optional second DSP
  • Optional calibration reference source 
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