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ProDAQ Function Cards Datasheets

ADC Function Cards

ProDAQ 3416 16-Channel, 24-Bit, Sigma-Delta ADC Function Card

ProDAQ 3424 8-Channel, 24-Bit, Sigma-Delta ADC Function Card

ProDAQ 3430 4-Channel, Sigma-Delta ADC Function Card

DAC Function Cards

ProDAQ 3510 16-Channel DAC Function Card
Datasheet Revision 3.1 Modification Date 11-Mar-2014

ProDAQ 3511 8-Channel, 200 kS/s, 16-bit DAC Function Card
Datasheet Revision 3.3 Modification Date 11-Mar-2014

ProDAQ 3550 2-Channel, Fast DAC Arbitrary Waveform Generator

DIO Function Cards

ProDAQ 3610 48-Channel DIO Function Card

Counter/Timer Function Cards

ProDAQ 3808 8-Channel, 100 MHz Counter/Timer/Frequency Meter Function Card

Miscellaneous Function Cards

ProDAQ 3940 32-Channel Relay/Switching Function Card

ProDAQ VXIbus Datasheets

VXIbus Slot-0 Interfaces and Controllers

ProDAQ 3020 USB 2.0 VXIbus Slot-0 Interface

ProDAQ 3030 PCI Express VXIbus Slot-0 Interface
Datasheet Revision 3.6 Modification Date 01-Aug-2013

ProDAQ 3058 Pentium-Based VXIbus Slot-0 Controller

ProDAQ 3080 Gigabit Ethernet VXIbus Interface
Datasheet Revision 3.4 Modification Date 12-Aug-2013

VXIbus Motherboards

ProDAQ 3180 Ultra-Performance Motherboard Module

Motherboard/Carrier Plug-In Modules

ProDaq 3201 Programmable Voltage Reference Card

ProDAQ 3202 Programmable Voltage Reference Plug-In

Cabling and Terminators

ProDAQ 8034 PCI Express x4 Copper Cable

ProDAQ 8036 LXI Trigger Bus Cable

ProDAQ LXI Datasheets

LXI Function Card Carriers

ProDAQ 6100 LXI Function Card Carrier
Datasheet Revision 3.4 Modification Date 23-Jan-2023

LXI Carrier Accessories

ProDAQ 6210 19 in. Rack-Mount Tray

LXI Instruments

ProDAQ 6140 LXI Matrix Switching Unit
Datasheet Revision 1.2 Modification Date 27-Nov-2013

ProDAQ 6150 Isolated Precision Thermocouple LXI Instrument

Signal Conditioning Datasheets

Signal Conditioning Cards and Systems

ProDAQ 5716 16-Channel Bridge Signal Conditioning Unit
Datasheet Revision 3.2 Modification Date 04-Mar-2014

ProDAQ 5720 5820 Signal Conditioning Carrier & Cards
Datasheet Revision 0.4 Modification Date 02-Dec-2013

ProDAQ 5725 19-inch 1U Rack-mount Kit

ProDAQ 5748 Rack-Mount Break-Out Box

ProDAQ 5828 16-Ch. Isolation Amplifier Signal Conditioning Card
Datasheet Revision 0.2 Modification Date 08-Feb-2016