Siemens Uses Bustec Data Acquisition Technology to Monitor Gas Turbines

Company: Siemens
Industry: Power Generation 
Challenge: Developing a predictive analysis and monitoring system for gas turbines 
Solution: Using Bustec data acquisition devices to create a highly accurate monitoring system. 


The Siemens gas turbines are designed to help companies meet the challenges of a dynamic market. To meet their customer’s needs, Siemens gas turbines must be tested to ensure a consistent, quality product. To ensure that their gas turbines meet the requirements for efficiency, reliability, and environmental compatibility, giving low life-cycle costs and the best possible return on investment, Siemens chose to use Bustec data acquisition products to test their products. 

Siemens needed accurate analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), counters, pressure and temperature monitors, and extensive signal conditioning while using predictive analytics to analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future events in their gas turbines.  

In addition, their system had to overcome the enormous presence of electromagnetic noise in the environment, and volt changes of more than 100 V when turbines are started. No competitor’s instruments came close to the accuracy required in the system for the presence of electromagnetic noise that Bustec products could achieve.

With Bustec products, Siemens was able to get their system up and running quickly, reducing cost and time-to-market of their gas turbines and achieving the necessary predictive analysis.

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